The Boys: This is Going to Hurt – The Mission


The world that you live in was manufactured by Vought-American. Reality is a formula called Compound-V, derived during WWII with aspirations of making the world safer. It was an awful mess then, and it only got worse.  Vought-American might as well own the planet with their army of Superheroes. Every single beloved one of them is in fact a work of science; their veins pumped full of Compound-V since they’ve been alive. The Supes themselves are also a lie. At best they are venal, reckless, rapacious, and immoral, the furthest thing from true heroes. 

Menacing image of Homelander

I need you to build a team strong enough to KILL HOMELANDER. He has demanded full servility from all the world’s governments, or we face total annihilation. Our intel confirms he’s taken over The Seven’s satellite base in orbit, killing anyone who gets in his way.

I do not care who you recruit or how: buy, blackmail, stick anyone you think might be able to help with Compound-V. Stick yourself with V if you think it could help.

Due to the severity of this mission we will have assigned multiple teams so as to try and split Homelander’s attention. Depending on your choices you may never run into anyone else or it is possible to encounter up to four other teams. If that happens, we can’t have you working together as that will make our operatives an easier target for him.

You need to traverse the world gathering resources, completing missions, and recruiting the strongest team you can. There is also a contact with a member of our Black-Ops anti-superhero team, The Boys. They know the Supes better than anyone.

I understand the magnitude of what I’ve asked of you. But agent you might be our last hope, and I assure you time is running out.

Good luck Agents,

The world is counting on you.

Susan L. Rayner. Central Intelligence Agency, Director